Contract Management

A service provided to establishments on Qiwa platform to create and authenticate employee contracts digitally. After the contract gets created and submitted, it will be sent to the employee’s account on Qiwa for approval or rejection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Contract Management service?

It is a service provided to establishments on Qiwa platform to create and document employee contracts digitally. After the contract gets created and submitted by the establishment, it will be sent to the employee’s account on Qiwa for approval, rejection or amendment to the contract.
After both parties' approval, the contract is considered authenticated and approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

What is the purpose of the contract management service?

The service aims to protect both the employer and the employees' rights and provide a work environment that helps with the employees' stability and productivity. It also seeks to ensure that the private sector's employment contracts conform to Saudi labor law conditions, verify the validity of contract data, and reduce labor disputes and issues

How to create and authenticate an employee contract?

The contract request gets initiated by the employer or a commissioner with the following steps:

  1. Register/login to Qiwa platform.
  2. Log in to the establishment account.
  3. Go the "Contract Management" service from the e-Services tab.
  4. Enter the establishment information: company email, and role of the establishment representative/user
  5. Enter the employee details: Saudi employee: ID number and date of birth (in Hijri). Resident employee: Iqama number and Iqama expiry date (in Hijri).
  6. Enter the employee's contact information: mobile number and email
  7. Fill out the contract details: job title, contract period, working hours, financial obligations, etc.
  8. Review and submit the request.

The request will be sent to the employee's account on Qiwa. The employer must communicate and inform the employee to login/register to Qiwa platform via Individual Account and check Employee Contracts Service to review and submit an action to the contract (acceptance\rejection\edit).

How does the contract get sent to the employee ?

The contract authentication request gets sent to the employee's account on the Qiwa individual platform. The establishment representative must communicate with the employee to whom the request was sent and inform them to log in/register in Qiwa platform to review the contract and accept or reject it.

Suppose the employee is a non-Saudi employee who is not currently registered in the establishment. In that case, the establishment representative must submit a service transfer request from the (Employee Transfer - from another business owner) service. After sending the transfer request, the employee can approve the request and the contract from his/her Qiwa individual account (Employee Transfer) service.

How can the employee review and accept the contract?

The employee can review and accept the contract by following these steps:

  1. Register/login to Qiwa platform
  2. Log in to the "Individual Account."
  3. Go to Employee Contracts Service
  4. Choose a contract from the list
  5. Review the contract request, then accept it or reject it

Note: the contract will be canceled automatically in the event of no response within 30 days from creating the contract request by the establishment.

How long does the contract authentication service take?

The service is done electronically immediately through Qiwa platform. It begins by creating a contract request by the employer and ends with the employee's final approval or rejection, or the automatic cancellation of the request for non-response after 30 days from the creation date.

هل يكتفى بتوثيق العقود في المؤسسة العامة للتأمينات الاجتماعية أو في قوى؟

يتم توثيق العقود أولاً في قوى ويتم عكسها آلياً في أنظمة المؤسسة العامة للتأمينات الاجتماعية وليس العكس

If the employee does not respond to the contract, what happens?

If the contract request is not responded to within 30 days from the date of creation, the request will be considered (canceled), and the establishment representative must resend the contract request if needed.

Is the service for new contracts only, or can I document a valid, previously created employment contract ?

The contracts that could be authenticated with this service are both new contracts and active contracts (digital or paper)

To authenticate active contracts, enter the start date as mentioned in the employee's first contract with the establishment.

Note that you must add the latest salary and financial allowances amounts (for example, after annual increases and promotions)

Is it necessary to add the start date or the date of the last contract renewal

The start date must be entered as it is in the employee's first contract with the establishment.

What is the contract start date for an employee who has completed five years, and how is the previous service period calculated in authenticating the contract ?

Enter the start date as mentioned in the employee's first contract with the establishment.

Should contracts of employees under of probation period be authenticated?

Yes, authentication of employment contracts is mandatory from the job start date of the employee even if the employee is under a probationary period, with specifying the period of the probation period in terms of the contract, taking into account the maximum limit of the period as stipulated in the Saudi Labor Law.

How to renew specify-period contracts ?

The contract gets automatically renewed for a similar period until it gets terminated by one of the parties.

Can I modify or retrieve the sent contract before it being approved/rejected?

To modify/retrieve unapproved contract, go to the contract list> contract page> (Modify). You can retrieve the contract as long as the contract status is (awaiting employee approval). After retrieving the contract request, you can modify the contract's details and re-send it again for employee approval.

After retrieving the contract for modification, does the employee see contract detail?

The contract will still appear in the employee account, but the approval/rejection options will be disabled until it gets re-sent again.

Can I modify the contract after it was approved/authenticated ?

Yes, the establishment user can modify the authenticated contract with the (approved) and (active) status and send it to the employee for approval or rejection.

If the employee rejects the modification request, the last approved/authenticated contract will remain valid until a modification request gets accepted or it gets terminated by one of the parties.

How to modify the job title after authenticating the contract ?

Yes, the establishment representative can modify any contract term for authenticated contracts with (approved) or (active) statuses and send it to the employee for approval or rejection.

If the employee rejects the sent modification request, does the current authenticated contract remain valid?

Yes, if the employee rejected the modification request, the last approved/authenticated contract will remain valid until a modification request gets accepted or the contract gets terminated by one of the parties.

Can I terminate employee contracts?

Yes, you can.

What is the Employee Number? And how do I get it?

The Employee Number is the employee's number in the system of the new establishment to which the employee will be transferred.

How can I print the job contract?

You can print it by visiting the contact page and selecting “Download” on the top of the page.

Users can download and save the contract in PDF form to print or keep a digital copy.

What is the terminate contract service?

It's a service provided by Qiwa, which allows the establishment and employee to request a termination contract to end the contractual relationship and notify the other party

When can I submit the terminated contract request with the employee?

The contract must be authenticated to be able to terminate

Is it possible to terminate a contract for a Saudi employee and a resident?

Yes, the relationship can be terminated for the Saudi and resident employees

How can I use the service?

For individuals: Login into the individual portal and then choose to view employment contracts and then click terminate contract request

For establishments: Login into Qiwa and chose e-services and choose contract management and then click terminate contract request

Who can submit a request to terminate a contract?

Both, the employee and the establishment can terminate the contract

What are the reasons for terminating the contractual relationship?
  • During the probation period
  • Agreement of the parties
  • Dismissal
  • Termination of the contract
  • The worker reaches retirement
  • Force majeure
  • Closure of the establishment permanently
  • Termination of the activity in which the worker works
  • Ultimate bankruptcy of the establishment
After the end of the contractual process for the employee, how is the notice period calculated?

The notice period is calculated based on the notice period mentioned when the employee contract created

What are the cases in which the relationship is terminated directly without entering the notice period?

The contract terminated immediately if the employee in the probation period, died, in prison, or left not returned

- When there's a request to terminate a contract, can the employee request to reduce the notice period

Yes, the employee can submit a request to “reduce the notice period” through Qiwa individual account, and this requires approval from the establishments

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  • 20% بنهاية الربع الأول
  • 50% بنهاية الربع الثاني
  • 80% بنهاية الربع الثالث
هل يمكن تسجيل تاريخ مباشرة سابق؟

نعم يمكن ذلك

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لا، متاح فقط للموظف

هل يؤثر توثيق العقد بالرصيد؟

لا، لا يؤثر 

Service Eligibility Requirements

Absence Service Requirements:

  1. The establishment must be existing
  2. The worker does not have a valid contract on QIWA
  3. The worker's work permit must be valid for more than 60 days
Government Fees


Service Availability


Time to Complete


How to Access the Service

How to establish a contract by establishments:

  1. Choose “Contract Management“ service from E-services
  2. Complete establishment information
  3. Enter employee information
  4. Fill contract data (job title, contract duration, working hours, Financial obligations, etc)
  5. Send request to employee


How to access the work absence service:

  1. Sign-in
  2. Choose “Contract Management“
  3. Click on “submit work absence report“ icon
  4. Select employee who is out out work by Iqama or border number
  5. Acknowledge and submit report


How to approve or reject job offer by employee:

  1. Employee signs-in to his account in Qiwa
  2. Click on preview job offer
  3. Review offer then either accept, reject, or request modifications on job offer